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Slasher descendants


Vacation ended and descendants returned to training at the Royal Academy. Help Mal with homework for magical potions! Study the book of spells and try to get maximum points. The diary Mal hides in himself secret magic!Your aim is to catch as much as possible a variety of potions, but try not to touch the enchanted apple.
Mal cunning and clever. What fate will choose a young descendant? Whether she will continue the work of his mother, or will be able to start with a clean slate.
The rules are simple. As with any ninja slash game, Cut the fruit, but avoid explosions!
You have 3 lives, collect objects and fall into the top of the best players! Help Mal well exams and go on a date with a prince!
Features♛ Amazing quality graphics and animation fairy world♛ Wonderful sound effects!♛ Easy operation, excellent performance♛ Free
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